Democrat Chuck Schumer was just speaking about President Trump’s emergency declaration in order to use military money to build the wall.

He plans on trying to stop it by forcing a vote to terminate the declaration.

In January of 2018, the Daily Caller reported that Schumer believes that Republicans will join the Democratic Party to protect illegal immigrants if the media shows pictures of people getting deported:

“God forbid, but the pictures of people being deported will rally the nation,” Schumer said on “The Rachel Maddow Show.

That’s how out of touch the Democrats are when it comes to illegal immigration.

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Did Schumer not see the caravans of thousands of illegals marching toward our border! Is that not an emergency?

Saying Pres. Trump is canceling military projects to “steal money” for a proposed border wall, Sen. Chuck Schumer vows Democrats will force a vote to terminate Trump’s national emergency declaration.

“This goes to our democracy.”

Once again, a Democrat calls our REPUBLIC a DEMOCRACY! Did these people skip civics class? We are a REPUBLIC.

Schumer and his Democratic colleagues are on record as open borders advocates so this move by Schumer is no surprise.


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