Charlie Chester is the Technical Director of CNN.  That is a very important position.  And, many narcissistic controlling sociopaths, when you set him up with a pretty girl, he admits that his network is just an unwashed mouthpiece for globalist propaganda on behalf of the Biden Regime and globalism in general.

In the full video from Project Veritas, Charlie Chester blatantly asserts multiple times that CNN is merely “propaganda” on behalf of Joe Biden against Donald Trump.  And he is very proud of it, stating that that is exactly why he began working at CNN.   “Our focus was on getting Trump out of office” he says at one point.  He even fingers Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN, as the head of the globalist propaganda operation.

Here is a short clip that covers much of the Trump-Biden section of the full video:

If CNN is just leftist globalist propaganda, does that mean that every show they do should officially be considered covert campaign ads and contributions?

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