A creepy whispering Joe Biden announced a deal of $579 billion in spending on infrastructure but wants a “companion bill,” or he won’t sign either bill. He says part of the deal will require “reconciliation.” Biden is touting a compromise, but this is no compromise for Republicans or Americans. It’s still $6 trillion in total. Why would a Republican sign onto this porker? Democrats believe the answer is always government but forget that the money comes from the people they’re taxing to death.

The infrastructure announcement was shadowed by a bizarre reaction from Biden, who whispered into the mic several times (see videos below).

Townhall released a video with all of the whispering moments in clips. Kayleigh McEnany tweeted out the clip…

“What did I just watch?”

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Biden mocked employers who can’t find employees, claiming the problem is the people aren’t getting paid enough. What he’s forgetting is that as long as the government is giving people money, they won’t be incentivized to get back to work.

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Biden has a way of mocking people that indicates frustration and anger. He brags below about the $1.9 million in relief he’s gotten for the people sitting on the couch.

“They’re gonna be getting checks in the mail.”

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