Joe Biden just called on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign (video below). Earlier today, Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer also called on Cuomo to resign. Democrats are piling on to call for Cuomo’s resignation but he’s not budging (video below). Cuomo came out to comment on the Independent Investigation and is refusing to resign. He’s not smart enough to realize he’s getting off easy because he should be in jail for the thousands of deaths he caused in nursing homes.

During questioning at a press conference earlier today, a reporter asked how Biden feels about a photo of the men embracing as evidence of his Cuomo’s innocence. Biden gave an odd answer to an even odder question;

“I’m sure there were some embraces that were totally innocent.”

The case against Cuomo involves 11 women who came forward to say he sexually harassed them.

Is this a political witch hunt or is Cuomo guilty? Well, Cuomo came back saying he won’t resign and spoke at length to try and defend his actions.

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Is Cuomo going to resign?

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