After promoting Proterra, a business Energy Secretary Granholm had millions invested in; Joe Biden just said that Granholm is in charge of his administration’s climate-related technology investment.

Biden commented today during the Virtual Climate Summit:

Granholm came under fire for millions in investments in Proterra after Biden promoted the Greenville, South Carolina energy company during a virtual visit. She has since committed to divesting her stock in the company within a 180 day period and plans to resign from the board of Proterra. Is this enough, or is Granholm too compromised?

Jennifer Granholm is Energy Secretary for Biden and thinks the Green New Deal is an “Important framework for what Joe Biden has put on tap.”

Granholm tweeted out about her nomination as Energy Secretary:

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Late in the 2020 campaign, Biden bamboozled the American people by flip-flopping about his support for the Green New Deal’s socialist redistribution of wealth using the climate change scam.

Earlier in the campaign, Biden promised to push the Green New Deal and cancel hundreds of thousands of jobs.

During the Democratic debate in December of 2019, Joe Biden was asked if he’s willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs for Green New Deal policies, and he answered “yes.”

Biden was pandering to the climate change goons who have demanded that the government adopt the Green New Deal.

Watch below as he firmly says he’d be willing to put hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work:

The bait and switch president…

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