Doors to the TCF convention center in Detroit, Michigan where vote counting has been taking place are now padlocked and poll challengers have been removed. The room where the ballots are counted is massive with dozens of tables where people sit 5 to a table to count votes. The should be a person standing at a table observing the count. The massive room also has backrooms and other entrances to the building.

There was a Republican poll challenger at every table before they went to lunch.  After lunch, the group was locked out of the building. The reason for the lockout is being blamed on…”covid concerns”…There is no way that the room could be over capacity and every person there is wearing a mask.

The room was filled with people during training and there was no restriction stated for a limit to the people allowed in the huge convention space.

Video and pictures show an effort to remove people as poll challengers:

The local Detroit Free Press is reporting on the lockout:

Photos show the padlocked doors:

Windows are now being covered up:

Detroit vote counting is a hot mess and getting heated. Poll challengers are being intimidated, according to sources inside the vote counting room.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the Trump campaign called for Michigan to stop counting ballots until the campaign is given “meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process.”

It is the right of lawyers for the Trump campaign to see what’s going on with counting the vote. They have also been denied information and data guaranteed under election laws.

Poll challengers are also essential to witnessing the tabulation of the votes. There are also reports of bullying of poll challengers who are trying to observe the counting.

As a poll challenger in several elections in Michigan, it’s clear the voting system needs more checks and balances. This woman was in Pontiac, Michigan trying to vote when a man tried to pay her to vote Democrat:


The people of Michigan deserve better than this third-world voting. Voter fraud is too easy to commit.

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