This interview exposes just what a fraud this woman is and how far she’s willing to take the big lie that she’s black. She might think this is harmless but she’s reported racial hate crimes repeatedly with the police. Spokane police have now dropped any investigation into the accusations.

Leaders with the Spokane Police Department suspended all cases involving Rachel Dolezal Friday afternoon.

The decision came one day after Dolezal’s claims of harassment and race came under internationally scrutiny with the help of the internet.

SPD tweeted that all cases involving the leader of the NAACP in Spokane were suspended.

“If new information comes to light we can investigate that information,” wrote SPD leaders.

Rachel Dolezal has admitted to filing numerous police reports as the victim of threats and hate crimes. She told officers she believed letters received in the NAACP PO Box were threats directed at her and her sons…..

…Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal claimed she found an envelope with pictures of lynchings and references to local cases concerning race in March.

The envelope containing the letter was found in the NAACP mailbox at the Rosewood Post Office along North Monroe.

However, investigators later noticed important marks missing from the package.

It was delivered to a post office box. But it did not have a date stamp or barcode according to an on-going police report by SPD.

Postal officials told SPD officers that a letter or package would never be put in a mail box purposefully without those things even if it was hand delivered to the post office. Postal workers said it is possible that the letter could have gotten stuck to another letter and thus missed the scanner and postal marking. But they said the chances of this happening were extremely low.

Staff said the only other way for a unprocessed letter to land in a PO Box would be if it were placed there by someone with a key or a USPS employee was involved.

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