Flordia Governor Ron DeSantis held a press conference today that made too much sense. Democrats are probably having a fit over the comments from Governor DeSantis because they go completely against what the left is preaching to Americans.

Governor DeSantis called out the terrible messaging by Fauci and others who have confused Americans about wearing masks after they get a covid vaccine. The best comment is directed at those who wear two masks (see Joe Biden below) for months after they’ve had the vaccine.

“The messaging is terrible…you’re telling people to get a vaccine, and yet people that have been vaccinated for months are wearing masks. I can’t square if the vaccine is effective, then why are people wearing masks?”

“If you get a vaccine, and the vaccine is effective, you’re immune, and so act immune. If you tell people the opposite, then, gee, why if it’s not effective for them, and it doesn’t change anything for them, then why go through it?”

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Biden was seen wearing two masks during a roundtable with the Japanese PM today:

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This is confusing to Americans and makes people question whether they should get the vaccine. The messaging really is terrible!

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