The media asked Biden yesterday about comments Florida Governor DeSantis responded to regarding covid restrictions. This back and forth all started when Biden and Jen Psaki snarked at DeSantis by telling him to “get out of the way” if he’s not going to follow their mask mandates on covid.  Governor DeSantis shot back to tell Biden to do his job and close the border. When the reporters asked Biden about DeSantis’ comments, Biden said, “governor who?” in an attempt to be snarky.

Well, Governor DeSantis just went savage on Biden in his latest comments:

Gov. Ron DeSantis responds to Biden’s “Governor Who?” jab with another EPIC beatdown.

“What else has Biden forgotten? The Border. Inflation. Cuban Freedom Fighters. The Constitution?

I’m the GOVERNOR WHO protects parents, jobs, and answers to Floridians, not DC.”

Boom! That was awesome!

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