Hillary’s pals at Black Lives Matter managed to vandalize Trump’s new hotel in DC while someone filmed them. A BLM activist brazenly spray painted the historic building:

Hillary has been stirring up the hateful movement Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton started years ago, as a means to encourage blacks to come out to the polls on her behalf on November 8th. American voters need to ask themselves what kind of a person stirs up hate and division between races for the sake of getting votes? What kind of person is okay with dividing a nation just to obtain the ultimate power position in politics? The worst criminal to ever run for President of the United States….Crooked Hillary Clinton…that’s who.

Watch her shamelessly pander to the worst common denominator for votes:

Watch Hillary encourage Black Lives Matter terrorists to take their “action” to a new level:


Oh look…Black Lives Matter is actually listening to Hillary. Last night they vandalized one of the most beautiful buildings in Washington DC that just happens to being to Hillary’s opponent:

Here is another picture that was taken of the graffiti painted on Trump’s amazing hotel in downtown DC:

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