A large protest outside city hall in New York City included a Holocaust survivor who warned about the vaccine pass that will begin on August 16th. Mayor de Blasio has literally shut down the city for the unvaccinated, who are mostly the Orthodox Jewish community and the black community.  Depriving minorities of access to services and entertainment in the city is discrimination. This is why the crowd yelled, “My body, my choice!” It’s about freedom of choice instead of power grabs by commie politicians like de Blasio.

“The Holocaust didn’t happen overnight; it happened in stages. Stages of humiliation, discrimination, demonization, and the final stage, extermination.” 

“No Nazi pass!” chants in New York at today’s protest against the vaccine pass at City Hall.

“My body, my choice!” chants from the crowd of several hundred outside NYC City Hall at today’s protest against the new vaccine pass, set to begin taking effect on August 16th.

Hundreds of New Yorkers have gathered at city hall in New York City to protest the covid mandates from Mayor de Blasio that prohibit the unvaccinated from participating in most activities in the city. Only the covid vaccinated will be able to participate in most indoor activities like restaurants, movies, Broadway shows, gyms…

The irony is that even the vaccinated are getting sick with the Delta variant.  The rules and regulations from politicians are a joke considering our southern border is wide open, letting covid-positive illegal aliens go anywhere they want in the US. Until they close the border, how can anyone take these mandates seriously?

This power-grab by de Blasio should not stand!

The crowd unfurled a banner of the mayor holding up a beheaded Lady Liberty.

“We will not comply!” chants from the crowd gathering outside of New York City Hall this afternoon, protesting against the new vaccine mandate set to take effect for entering some establishments in the city.

It’s great to see people standing up for their freedoms!


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