Joe Biden inexplicably gave a statement today telling the world what the “right verdict” is in the trial of Derek Chauvin.

Joe Biden tells America what ‘the right’ verdict is in the Chauvin trial as the jury deliberates.

Having a sitting president opine on what “the right” verdict is in a trial before the verdict being issued is an obvious ground for appeal for Chauvin.  He has tainted this jury and any future jury that has access to YouTube.

In a constitutional world, Chauvin would easily win that appeal given the overwhelmingly biased circumstances–regardless of whether he committed the crimes he is accused of.  That’s how the rule of law works, regardless of race.

This has led many rational and logical, and ethical people to believe this was an attempt to intimidate and extort the jury while virtue signaling to the irrational ‘critical race theory’ base of the Democrat party.  By telling people what to believe about a trial.  It would also embolden violent criminals to take action against a verdict that did not agree with Biden.

Others wonder if–knowing the obvious repercussions of this statement–Joe Biden was intentionally tainting the jury if they did convict Chauvin.  This would allow Chauvin to begin the appeals process easily.  This would allow unrest to continue beyond the first trial and perpetuate unending unrest and division in America.

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Such unrest would help overwhelm the system more quickly, making it much easier to collapse as people constantly remain fearful and emotional and less logical and rational.  It would also distract from other much more important national issues that are much more worrisome for America’s future than the trial of one man.

Watch for yourself and decide.

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Why would a sitting president inject himself into a trial, thereby subverting due process by tainting the media, jury, and public opinion?  Where on Earth could Chauvin possibly get an unbiased trial, now that the United States President has already made his judgment to the country on the matter, publicly?

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