The protest in Los Angeles began peacefully, but when the LAPD tried to stop the huge crowd of protesters from moving forward, things got ugly. The trouble began at 3rd and Fairfax near The Grove. The area the mob wanted to enter was Beverly Hills. The LAPD didn’t want the crowd to loot and pillage Beverly Hills as they’ve done in so many other cities like Atlanta. According to several reports, the police shot rubber bullets and used their batons (see video below) to try and keep the huge crowd back.

See below that the mob finally made it to Beverly Hills and chanted “Eat the Rich”…a Cultural Marxist chant used by Bernie Sanders supporters and other far-left radicals. Does anyone believe this is still about George Floyd?

Activists on Twitter have been calling for a riot in Beverly Hills for a few days.

One of many tweets calling for the destruction of Beverly Hills where “all them racist white folks stay…”

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Video below shows the LAPD trying to keep the crowd back using their batons:

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Soy Boy Andrew Soto posted a video of the crowd in Beverly Hills chanting “Eat The Rich!”

Andrew Soto is a Bernie Sanders supporter, according to his Twitter profile. Here’s another phrase he uses that’s a cultural Marxist phrase:

“F**k the rich and the police.”

His parents must be so proud…

Peaceful protesting is fine, but these mobs have been looting and destroying storefronts.

As predicted looting of high-end stores in Beverly Hills happened next…

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