The border invasion that the Biden administration is ignoring is getting worse by the day. A breaking news video from Fox News shows a “massive” group of illegals “shoving themselves through the gate” at the border. Is this the “extreme progress” Kamala Harris is talking about?

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin says this is the largest group he’s ever seen. He says two border patrol busses had already taken some of the 300-400 Haitians away and then says the border patrol doesn’t know what to do with them. How about sending them back?

More video from the flood of invaders:


Once these people step foot into America, they are here to stay (see below). They will be flown to a destination in the US. This is insane.

Melugin also just posted another group on Twitter:

Recently, Tucker Carlson reported on illegals flown to American cities:


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