The Georgia Senate Subcommittee Hearing today dropped bombshell after bombshell. The list of ways illegal votes were cast is long. Anyone and everyone voted in the 2020 election.. If you had a pulse, you could vote.

The videos below are just a few of the many examples including the video of workers pulling out breifcases with ballots to run through the machines. This was after the workers at the State Farm Arena were told to leave because of a supposed water leak.

How can Georgia have a runoff election in January if this shenanigans isn’t fixed?

The Georgia vote FACTS!
2,506 felons voted
66,248 under age not old enough
2,423 not registered
1,400 cast ballots po. box
4,926 council registration
10,315 dead voted
395 ballots cast in another state
15,700 change address
40,270 moved county lines.

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A Georgia poll supervisor testified about the alarming fraud:

And then there are the suitcases filled with ballots under tables…

The video footage came from the arena where the vote counting took place:

President Trump tweeted out about the find:

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