Tonight’s local school board meeting in Loudoun County, VA, was declared an “unlawful assembly” by the Loudoun County sheriff’s office so the packed room could be cleared. This kept the board from listening to protesters or answering questions from angry parents who oppose critical race theory and a new transgender policy in their schools. Was this a coordinated effort to shut down the crowd who had filled the room demanding answers? The board said the crowd got “out of hand,” and the police arrested citizens because they didn’t leave the room “right away,” according to Reuters reporter Gabriella Borter.

The parents sang:

“Parents protesting against critical race theory broke into the national anthem when the Loudoun Co., Virginia school board ended public comment because the crowd got too out of hand.”

Two parents were arrested (see the video below) as they were in the crowd trying to speak out.

YouTube video of the arrest of one man who complained about his right of free speech being infringed upon:


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