On Wednesday evening, a large group of Black Lives Matter rioters took to the street of Portland in what has now become a nightly tradition for BLM rioters and ANTIFA terrorists. The rioters – dressed primarily in black – were seen marching down the street as police officers gave verbal warnings about trespassing on the property of the Kelly Building.

One BLM rioter, in particular, was not so lucky Wednesday evening. Video footage shows a BLM rioter falling off the back of a white pickup truck as the driver speeds away in front of the marchers. The individual, who appears to be a male, cracked his skull on the concrete after falling from the moving truck.


BLM rioters near the front of the march witnessed the fall and hurried to help the injured person. Others can be seen simply ignoring the situation and proceeding to march with their repetitive chants. A small group of BLM rioters surrounded the injured individual as a police officer approached the situation. An officer asked the rioters if they would be respectful if AMR (American Medical Response) was called.

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The BLM rioters said, “we like AMR” in response. When AMR personnel and an ambulance arrived, the BLM rioters clashed with the real medics offering disrespectful comments. AMR tended to the injured individual. The condition of the individual is unknown.

This is a developing story.

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