Only moments ago, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted a video of Lileth Sinclair an “Afro-indigenous, non-binary, local organizer” in Portland who is organizing for the “abolition of the United States as we know it.” In his tweet, Cruz warned Americans to take these radicals seriously: “When the radicals tell you they want to destroy America…believe them.”

On the other side of the United States, in another far-left radical city, emboldened protesters who identify as “Communists, Anarchists, and Democrats, ” throwing in (“some of us are moderate Republicans,” to give themselves credibility, as they attempt to make themselves appear mainstream) are giving Americans fair warning from the streets of NYC, that they are “organizing for an actual revolution to overthrow this system.”

When these radicals threaten to overthrow our government, they’re warning to dismantle America and everything we stand for in the greatest nation on earth. Bernie Sanders supporters warned that this would happen if their candidate didn’t become the next President. They weren’t kidding.

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Watch BLM organizers marching shoulder to shoulder with self-proclaimed Communists:

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If you need further evidence that BLM is nothing more than a Marxist movement, watch this video, showing protesters carrying mass-produced, professionally printed signs. “How do we get out of this mess?” the protester chants, while BLM and Communists chant, “Revolution, nothing less!”

Watch the organizer of the NYC Revolution Club” tell her followers, “We are getting organized for an actual revolution to overthrow this system!”

An activist from the Revolutionary Communist Party calls to “overthrow this f**king system.” And put into place, a new Socialist Republic of North America, telling them we need a society that protects the rights of “black and brown people.”

The Refuse Fascism radicals (fascists) are marching through the streets of NYC and according to independent journalist Drew Hernandez, are shutting down traffic on Broadway en route to the City Hall in NYC.

Drew Hernandez captures the self-proclaimed Communists entering the so-called “Occupied Abolition Park” in NYC, as they chant, “Black Lives Matter!” reminding everyone again that Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with black lives, but instead, is a a Marxist movement attempting to overthrow our government.

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