Yesterday afternoon, a 30-year-old Connecticut woman, who has now been identified by police as Hannah Roemhild, drove a black SUV through two security checkpoints at Mar-a-Lago, putting law enforcement on high alert.

The opera singer from Middletown, CT. allegedly posted anti-Trump images on her Facebook page. The screenshot of her Facebook banner image (below) was shared by Heavy.

Roemhild was fired at by both Secret Service agents and Palm Beach County deputies.

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A high-speed chase ensued that involved police vehicles and helicopters.

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Investigative producer of WPTV, Erik J. Altmann shared two videos of Hannah Roemhild, the woman who allegedly drove through the security checkpoints being arrested.

Merris Badcock of WPTV tweeted a photo of the alleged suspect, saying: “Here’s a photo of 30-year-old Hannah Roemhild, the suspect at the center of a security breach near Mar-a-Lago they spilled over into West Palm Beach.”

Heavy shared a screenshot of a voter registration lookup that reveals Roemhild is a registered Democrat.

The Gateway Pundit shared an image from Roemhild’s Facebook page that appears to reveal her support for Socialist-Democrat Bernie Sanders:

West Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office also tweeted the name and photo of Hannah Roemhild, saying they took her into custody after the pursuit and shooting outside Mar-a-Lago.

Heavy reports – Ric Bradshaw, sheriff of Palm Beach County, said that at about 11:38 a.m. on January 31, 2020, a Florida Highway Patrol officer working a security job at the posh Breakers hotel in West Palm Beach was notified by security that they had a “white female who was acting erratically that was actually up on top of her car doing some kind of a dance.”

Roemhild then got inside the black SUV. The officer walked up to the window to get her attention, and she was “fooling around on the side by where the console was,” according to the sheriff. She tried to put the vehicle in reverse. He kept tapping the window. When she looked like she was putting the vehicle in drive, the officer smashed the window to grab the steering wheel, but it “didn’t work,” said the sheriff. She then drove off.

He caught up with her and then lost her in traffic. She drove toward Mar-a-Lago.

When a pursuit ignited, and she headed toward the president’s estate, authorities weren’t sure what they were dealing with at first, Bradshaw said.

“We didn’t know if it was someone with a car bomb or someone who was going to hit as many pedestrians as possible,” said Bradshaw in a news conference. At that point, authorities opened fire. It was a rental vehicle. She “crashed through” two checkpoints, according to Bradshaw. Guards moved out of the way just in time.

Authorities say Roemhild fled Mar-a-Lago after the gunfire was directed at her vehicle.

The woman was ultimately confronted and arrested at a local motel. The FBI, sheriff’s department and Secret Service are all investigating, and they haven’t interviewed Roemhild yet. There were two females in the vehicle by that point. Roemhild picked up the second woman but that was after the Mar-a-Lago incident, Bradshaw said.

Authorities said a license plate reader went off and alerted authorities that Roemhild’s vehicle was near the airport. It was spotted again, and followed to a local motel.

“The driver jumped out and was trying to flee to a room. The trooper did a great job and tackled and took her into custody there,” said the sheriff. Authorities are now getting search warrants. At one point, she drove on the wrong side of the road, authorities said.

According to Madeline Montgomery of CBS12, the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s office is waiting for a search warrant so they can enter the Studio 6 Extended Stay Motel room in West Palm Beach, FL, where Hannah Roemhild was allegedly staying.

Here’s a video of a performance by the 30-year-old opera singer.

Bernie campaign insiders warned us about “direct action” against anyone who doesn’t’ agree with their radical agenda. Is this just the beginning?

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