‘I think my husband just killed himself,” Candice Parscale, the bikini-clad wife of Trump’s former campaign manager told a woman she approached in front of her home. “He’s under a lot of stress right now,” she can be heard explaining to the 911 operator.

Police raced to Parscale’s Fort Lauderdale, Florida home Sunday afternoon after the Good Samaritan bundled Candice Parscale into her car and dialed 911.

Police released the audio of the 911 call:

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As many as 20 police cars and boats swarmed the waterfront property after the distraught wife told cops she heard a revolver being cocked and a ‘loud boom’ after her 44-year-old husband began ‘ranting and raving’.

According to the police report, Brad Parscale was allegedly threatening to harm himself at his Fort Lauderdale, Florida home.

Yahoo– Parscale was removed as campaign manager just over two months ago in July following a lightly attended but much-hyped campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as the president was trailing in the polls. He was replaced by then-deputy campaign manager Bill Stepien, but has stayed on as a senior adviser to the campaign.

Candice and Brad Parscale

Daily Mail reports – Police dispatch records reveal marksmen could see into the $2.4 million property where Parscale sat shirtless on the floor with his dog, drinking beer and ‘talking to himself’.

The witness, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, told DailyMail.com she also noticed evidence of bruising on Candice’s upper arms.

Officers were able to ‘get a visual’ of Parscale, shirtless, wearing a black hat and ‘sitting on the floor talking to himself’

They could not see what he had in his hands but were able to report that he was sat with his dog, arguing with someone over the phone and was periodically peering through the blinds.

The dispatch reports that Parscale walked out of his house to talk directly to negotiators before wandering back inside for a beer.

The chaotic scene ended without tragedy about an hour and a half later when Parscale was dramatically tackled by a SWAT officer after he ignored five demands to ‘get on the ground’.

When he came back outside and sat on his stoop ‘talking to himself’ an order was issued to ‘move in to grab him now’.

Parscale was involuntarily committed to a hospital by Fort Lauderdale police.

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