President Trump is visiting Pennsylvania today near Scranton, PA, the hometown of Joe Biden. Yes, President Trump is trolling Joe Biden today. He delivered a campaign speech at Mariotti Building Products in Old Forge, Pennsylvania.

Incredible video from the event shows a huge crowd of Trump supporters lining the street. The video below follows the road to the entrance of the event where President Trump spoke today (video below).

The enthusiasm for President Trump today is bad news for the Democrats who have the final night of their convention where Joe Biden will speak to accept the nomination.

President Trump arrived earlier today to a large crowd in Pennsylvania at the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport in Avoca, PA:

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Video of the huge crowd waiting to catch a glimpse of President Trump:


The President called out Joe Biden in his campaign speech:

“He abandoned Pennsylvania. He abandoned Scranton. He was here for a short period of time and he didn’t even know it — and today, it’s amazing, it goes around in a circle, he still doesn’t know it.”

KAG! This battleground state really supports President Trump!

If you live in Pennsylvania, please let us know what you’re seeing in your area.

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