During a House Administration Committee hearing on the $20 million voting rights bill called ‘We the People Act,’ Eric Holder exposed himself for the liberal elitist he has always been. While arguing for donor disclosure, Obama’s former Attorney General hypocritically said he wouldn’t reveal his group’s donors.

Holder is another former Obama regime member who still has his hand in the cookie jar. He’s still working behind the scenes for Obama to try and make our elections completely unfair. Thank goodness the bill went down in flames, but this fight isn’t over.

The Democrats want to turn voting over to the federal government. Not a good idea because the feds would make it a voting month instead of a voting day. They would also stop requiring voter ID. Democrats would also make ballot harvesting legal. What could possibly go wrong?

Senator John Kennedy spoke out on the ‘We the People Act’ and called it the Screw the People Act:

Senator Kennedy is a treasure!

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