Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s poll numbers took a nosedive shortly after the popular conservative talk show host Larry Elder announced he would challenge the tyrannical Democrat governor in the recall race on Sept. 15th.

In a state that’s been run by Democrats for decades, the wealthy, liberal governor of California is facing the very real prospect that he could be unseated by a black conservative man with no prior political experience.

The citizens of California’s crime-ridden, sanctuary state are tired of being locked down while “public servants” like Nancy Pelosi and her nephew, Gavin Newsom, have both been caught flaunting the same rules put in place by elected and unelected Democrats in their state.

So, how do liberals react to a successful black conservative when he dares to run against a tyrannical Democrat governor in their state?

They attack him!

As Larry Elder walked through a Venice, CA neighborhood, a white woman wearing a BLACK gorilla mask threw an unidentified object at him. When one of the men walking with Elder confronted her, a male jumped in his face.


Elder quickly made his way to his vehicle and was able to get away without being physically assaulted.

Watch the incredible scene here:

Is there anyone less tolerant than a liberal?

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