There is no way this ‘president’ received the most votes (81 million) in America’s history.  Only several hundred viewed Biden’s  Memorial Day speech today that was filled with far-left talking points.

Squinting and grimacing, while alternating between yelling, stuttering, and whispering, the 46th president addressed the nation with little to say about Memorial Day and lots to say about his far-left vision for America.

Biden began his speech speaking about our fallen troops and his son Beau who passed away from cancer. He went from slurring his words to yelling out at certain points in the angry old guy way he’s known to do.

He pivoted at the point where he said, “Democracy…that’s the soul of America,” and turned his speech into a political campaign speech. That’s when the yelling REALLY started.


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The speech was viewed by a whopping 560 people that tuned into the White House YouTube channel. The downvotes from viewers far outnumbered the upvotes. The unpopularity of this president has escaped no one outside of the mainstream media.


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Meanwhile, the sheer insensitivity of this administration on this somber Memorial Day is completely ignored by the press:

And as Raheem Kassan notes, the hypocrisy in reporting in comparison to President Donald J. Trump’s tweets:


None of this blatant double standard comes as a surprise to the more than 75 million (real, living, and legal) Americans that voted to put the America First President, Donald J. Trump, back in office.

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