Independent reporter Drew Hernandez is on the ground in Portland, Oregon, covering the violent protests between Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and law enforcement.

UPDATED CORRECTION: Hernandez has added a correction to his account, clarifying the protesters were confronting the “federal police” and not the National Guard.

A large mob of mostly Antifa protesters screamed at the National Guard standing in front of the Portland courthouse, “Quit your job!”

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Hernandez shared video footage of the National Guard deploying tear gas on protesters.

Here’s another shot of the National Guard using tear gas on the Antifa thugs to keep them away from Portland Court House where they are stationed:

Antifa ass clowns stood across the street from National Guard members wearing gas masks and dressed in riot gear, chanting at the National Guard to take off their riot gear: “We don’t see no riot here, take off your riot gear.”

One of the Antifa protesters was hit with a tear gas canister. According to Hernandez, the anti-first responder Antifa thugs called 9-11 for help.

EMS responded to the call and according to Hernandez, have taken the injured Antifa member to the hospital. ***Warning***Video is graphic.

Antifa members (and possibly BLM protesters) can be seen fighting with each other:

In the midst of the chaos and violence, Hernandez incredibly captured an insane video of a female Portland protester casually walking with a toddler through the middle of the violent protest. The man walking next to the woman and the toddler is carrying a skateboard in his left hand. Skateboards are commonly used by Antifa to smash storefront windows or windows in police vehicles.

Antifa has barricaded and closed down 3rd Avenue, directly in front of the Portland Court House.

Antifa thugs are chanting their latest hate slogan, [ACAB] “All Cops Are Bastards!”

Independent reporter Drew Hernandez is literally putting his life on the line to bring Americans the truth about what’s happening on the ground at these violent Antifa and BLM protests. Please consider making a donation to help support him and the amazing work he’s doing that the mainstream media refuses to report. DONATE here:

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