This woman  says she didn’t know what she was doing but lied to federal agents??? Hummm, she must have known she was doing something wrong or she wouldn’t have lied. She also recruited for ISIS  but gets 4 1/2 years? She’s lucky she’s still a citizen of the U.S. Treason?

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – A Virginia woman who tried to help a teenager join the Islamic State militant group and carry out a suicide bombing was sentenced Monday to 4½ years in federal prison for lying to the FBI about the plot.

Heather Elizabeth Coffman of Glen Allen said in a written statement read aloud by U.S. District Judge John A. Gibney that she now believes the terrorists she befriended on social media “are not what I thought them to be” and that she regrets actions that have separated her from her 7-year-old son.

Gibney said that while Americans are free to believe as they choose, Coffman crossed the line by recruiting for the Islamic State and lying to federal agents facing the daunting task of preventing terrorism.

“It’s not like lying to your parents about who broke the lamp,” Gibney said. “Her lies were blatant and just as two-faced as you can imagine.”


Coffman, 30, pleaded guilty in February to making a materially false statement about an offense involving terrorism.

According to court papers, Coffman posted numerous messages on Facebook supporting the Islamic State and tried to help a teenager in Macedonia make arrangements to train and fight with the group in Syria. She had an online romance with the teen, describing him at times as her husband or fiance. The plan was for the teenager to carry out a suicide attack and die a martyr, but he backed out after their relationship soured.

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