The Waffle House murder suspect Travis Reinking has been captured in the woods in Antioch, Tennessee.

People living in a nearby apartment complex saw him walking along a power line. A witness saw him walking across a field that was cleared for development. Witnesses alerted police, who converged on the area and quickly caught him.

Reinking was wearing black pants, a maroon shirt and a backpack when police caught him.

Fox News reports:

The man who cops believe gunned down four people at a Waffle House restaurant in Tennessee was arrested on Monday, just over an hour after cops admitted he led police on a chase in a stolen BMW days before the rampage.

The Nashville Metro Police Department said Travis Reinking, 29, stole a BMW from a dealership in Brentwood on Tuesday and led authorities on a chase before they lost him in heavy rush hour traffic.

Metro Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron told reporters cops chased the vehicle, but then opted to track the car via a GPS device.

The vehicle was recovered the same day at Reinking’s apartment complex in neighboring Antioch. Aaron said authorities did not know Reinking’s identity at the time since he did not provide identification at the dealership before taking the vehicle.

“They had no idea who the man was,” he said.

Aaron said Reinking has “exhibited mental instability,” and may still have a handgun. He urged citizens to be vigilant, adding that police are expecting to have Reinking’s photo posted on electronic billboards in the area.

Aaron also said a civilian found a soft laptop case on Sunday night near a truck stop along Interstate 24 and brought it home with him. Police said the person found a handwritten ID card with “Travis Reinking” on the bag.

Authorities believe that Reinking was in that area on Saturday night, but aren’t sure if the laptop case wound up in that area before or after the shooting.

Reinking, 29, who was naked during the shooting except for a green jacket and assault rifle, may have “mental issues,” authorities said. He owns a handgun that authorities have not recovered, Steve Anderson, the Nashville Police chief, said.

More than 160 Nashville officers are joined by officers from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the FBI and ATF in the search for Reinking, who was also added to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s Top 10 Most Wanted list.

Reinking drove to the busy restaurant on Sunday and killed two people in the parking lot before entering and continuing to fire, police said. When his AR-15 rifle either jammed or the clip was empty, the customer disarmed him in a scuffle. Four people were also wounded before the gunman fled, throwing off his jacket.

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