Walmart is the latest retailer to join Kroger, Kohl’s Bed Bath & Beyond, Sam’s Club, Wayfair JC Penney, Costco, and other woke big box stores in their efforts to cancel Mike Lindell’s My Pillow.

Today, the Executive Vice President of Walmart informed Mike Lindell in a phone conversation that they were pulling the plug on the long-time relationship with My Pillow and would no longer carry his pillows.

We’re the #1 “As Seen on TV product!” Mike reminded them. “We’re spending $500,000 per week!” Lindell said, asking, “Why are you cutting me off?”

“Well, we’ve gotta be honest,” the Executive VP of Walmart told Lindell, “we have a rating system and My Pillow is under 4 (stars) and we don’t accept products under 4 (stars)” According to the CEO, they put the rating system in place two years ago.

Curiously, we found at least 3 retailers selling Queen size pillows on the Walmart site with customer ratings between 3 and 3.5 stars.

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We looked up Mike’s My Pillow products on and found that many of his pillows are being sold by a seller (Daily Deals) with an address in China on their website at cheaper prices than the My Pillows being sold by Mike. The My Pillow pillows being sold by Daily Deals gets a 4.9 out of 5-star rating. I asked Mike if he knew his My Pillow product was being sold by a Chinese seller, and he told me that he had “no idea who they are!” Mike told us “I don’t allow Walmart to allow other vendors to sell my product!” The My Pillow CEO also questioned if the My Pillow pillows being sold by “Daily Deals” is selling an authentic My Pillow or a “knock-off version.”

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A Queen size pillow sold by My Pillow on the Walmart website is listed at $40.80 while the Chinese seller is selling the same pillow on the Walmart site for $27.99.

Mike told us that he believes “Walmart waited to cancel My Pillow so they wouldn’t get the same bad press the other big box stores who canceled him got.” The My Pillow CEO estimates that he’ll lose about $10 million in sales over Walmart’s decision to cancel him.

Costco waited a full four months to cancel his product because according to Mike, they didn’t want to be lumped in with the other big box stores that pulled Mike’s products from their shelves. Costco informed Mike in April 2021 that they would no longer carry his products. They didn’t give him a specific reason. The made-in-the-USA My Pillow products were also removed from Costco’s website.

“Costco basically did a slow cancellation, slower than the other stores,” Lindell said in a phone interview.

According to Lindell, the decision will cost My Pillow between $4 million and $10 million in annual sales.

It will also affect some 40 salespeople who would travel to Costco stores to hawk the company’s products, he said. Lindell said he has offered those staffers other jobs at My Pillow, though “we did have to lay some off.”

Lindell said Costco did not explain the move, but he thinks it was related to the “cancel culture” that influenced other companies.

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