Americans are 100% FED Up! with the radical bad actors who’re protesting and in your face with liberal talking points from Soros. I honestly don’t blame these Trump supporters for pushing back on these radical protestors. If you’ve ever been in the middle of this type of liberal yell fest, you’d know it’s disturbing and it’s #WAR. We really are in a war for the survival of America. We’ve been invaded by millions and millions of illegal aliens who’re now gaining the right to vote. They also get freebies that should be going to legal American citizens. We’re in trouble and we all need to wake up and protect the sovereignty of our Nation.

Black Lives Matter and pro-illegal alien Latino activists were forcibly removed by Virginia State Police officers after disrupting a rally held Wednesday evening in Richmond by leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

There were reports that ‘small fights’ had broken out between the protesters and Trump supporters.

A cellphone video shows an apparent Trump supporter arguing with and then spitting on a protester. One report said the disruptions lasted for around thirty minutes.

When the protesters first made their presence known in the capacity crowd of about 5,000, Trump responded by saying, “That’s why we have freedom of speech, folks!”, according to a video excerpt of his speech posted to You Tube.

Photos posted to twitter by reporters at the rally, which was held at a large hall on the grounds of Richmond International Raceway, show uniformed Virginia State Police officers manhandling and ejecting several protesters. Other photos show ‘in your face’ verbal clashes between the protesters and Trump supporters.

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