Hundreds of illegal aliens cross freely from Mexico into the US at the Texas border

Under Biden, we have seen mass entry into the US from illegal aliens time and again.

The border is now virtually open, with thousands of illegal entries monthly, far outweighing the number of deportations.

Border security is so neutered under the Biden regime that we can watch as “hundreds upon hundreds” of migrants are guided by coyotes into Texas while not a single one is stopped and turned back.

Today, one of the largest single groups of illegal immigrants we have ever witnessed crossed illegally from Mexico into Eagle Pass, Texas.

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has implemented the most relaxed border security perhaps in the history of the modern United States, which is what allows this to happen.


These migrants will more than likely be here to stay, as deportations are down and “catch and release” is in full swing.

This is Biden’s border–an open, chaotic mess allowing criminals and potential terrorists to waltz into the United States with no one being any the wiser.

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