A White House press reporter during today’s White House briefing did exactly what the media was complaining about in the presidential debate.

The obnoxious reporter asked a question but then talked over the WH press secretary while she was answering.

Listen to Kayleigh McEnany call out the reporter for the interruptions:

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The entire press conference exposed the media bias that is in overdrive. Fox News reporter John Roberts also berated McEnany on the same question about President Trump denouncing extremist white supremacist groups.

The videos below are proof that the media is pushing a lie about what the president said in the past over and over to denounce racism and extremist groups :

Carmine Sabia tweeted: “To my friend Van Jones and everyone else who apparently needs to hear this again, these are three examples of President Donald Trump unequivocally denouncing white supremacy, the KKK and Neo-Nazis.”

Another video with clips of Trump condemning racism and white supremacists:

Carmine Sabia also points out that Chris Wallace asked the same question in 2016:

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