The First Actions of Biden Administration? Delist Video of His Own Inauguration Ceremony So People Will Stop Clicking The Dislike Button and Won’t See Bill Clinton Nodding Off. But, we have the link so you can share your opinion



The media and Big Tech are telling you that Joe Biden is the most beloved presidential candidate in history.  They claim, despite evidence of massive election fraud from 1000+ witnesses, that he received more votes than any president in history–more than both Trump and Obama.  Yet, nearly no one attended his inauguration ceremony.


Nearly No One Showed Up For Banana Republic Biden’s Inauguration Because, It Turns Out, Most People Dislike Him


So few people, in fact, that they had to plant flags in the ground to create some kind of movement in order to affect signs of life anywhere on the capitol that day.


Bill Clinton certainly wasn’t showing any signs of life during Biden’s monotonous soliloquy for the woke:


Yet, for such a unifying and beloved man as Joe Biden, it is quite a shock that Youtube lists only 449,000 viewers at the time of this writing who even bothered to watch the ceremony.


What is more remarkable, though is the ratio of dislikes to likes, by viewers of the ceremony.  At the time of this image capture, there were over 31,000 dislikes vs. 4,100 likes according to viewers of the ceremony.  And, the dislike number continues to skyrocket, gaining over 1000 dislikes since this image was captured.


The dislike ratio got so bad at one point that the Whitehouse delisted the video from public view, which may have reset the actual viewership numbers and dislike ratio.  This means you cannot search the Whitehouse youtube channel and find the video because it is hidden  But, we have the secret delisted link so you can express your like or dislike of the ceremony.  And, you may be pleased to note that the dislike ratio is on the rise again.

We encourage you to let your feelings me known at the link below.  And, if you need to cure your insomnia, actually watching the video might be a good cure:


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