Changing the definition of what a TRUE refugee is: It’s very curious how these people don’t fit the mold of a typical bedraggled refugee. They’re all well dressed, one guy appears to be sporting an expensive watch, another has brand new travel luggage in tow. And they’re all taking a very circuitous route to sneak into the US using stolen documents.

With the exception of the female, all are healthy young men of fighting age.

It doesn’t look like any of them were fleeing the fighting or even economic hardship. So why were they so determined to get to America?


A Syrian woman has been arrested in Costa Rica after entering the country with a stolen Greek passport.

It comes just days after five Syrian men were detained in Honduras with passports stolen from Greece, which they were allegedly planning to use to reach America.

According to Spanish language news agency EFE, the woman was apprehended at a motel in San Jose on Thursday.

She had flown in from Argentina using the name Maria Pirri. It is not clear what her real name is.

The passport she used had been reported missing in Greece weeks earlier, police told EFE.

Detectives said it had been doctored to feature the arrested woman’s image.

She faces charges of fraud, punishable by up to six years.

Officials are also working to determine if the woman has a connection to the five men detained in Honduras, who were in Costa Rica between November 11 and November 17.

The five men detained are huddled in the truck bed with police officers surrounding them:

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.36.15 PM

They had allegedly been planning to travel to Guatemala before boarding a plane to the United States.
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