Democrats like Barack Obama, Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden pulled out all of the stops to help Clinton bestie Terry McAuliffe win his bid to once again become Virginia’s governor.

So many top-Democrats came to Virginia to campaign for McAuliffe, that even Jonathan Karl of ABC News questioned McAuliffe about why he needed so many heavy-hitters supporting him when a Republican hasn’t won a major race in 12 years. in what has become a blue state?


After spending his final weeks on the campaign trail trashing parents and their rights to play an active role in their children’s education, Democrat darling Terry McAuliffe took a nose dive in the polls in the polls going into the election.

At 8:30 PM ET and 54% of the vote reporting, Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin is at 56% while Democrat Glenn McAuliff at 43.4%.

But hold on…Democrat stronghold Fairfax County, the most populated county in the state has announced they will not be able to report their results by the 8 PM deadline. According to Kayla Gaskins, of Virginia’s Wavy News, there is “no word on why there’s a delay or when we can expect those results.”


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