On Thursday, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stepped down after lackluster ad revenue and complaints from top content creators who decried censorship on the platform.

Wojcicki was a proponent of censoring content on YouTube to make it more kid-friendly, though the result often ended with YouTube censoring conservative viewpoints far more than others.

Recently, YouTube got in to a spat with Project Veritas after they released a bombshell video that exposed a top Pfizer researcher who claimed that the company was mutating the Covid-19 virus.  YouTube censored the video, causing a war of words between the company and Project Veritas.

Wojcicki will be replaced by Neal Mohan, who was previously the Chief Product Officer of YouTube.

He was considered a ‘top lieutenant of Wojcicki, meaning that YouTube policy will likely not change in the near future.

The Post Millenial Reports

YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki will step down from her role as YouTube’s CEO.

Wojcicki joined Google in 2008 and was one of the first employees at the company. She will be replaced by Neal Mohan. According to Reuters, “Mohan, a Stanford graduate, joined Google in 2008 and is the chief product officer at YouTube where he has been focusing on building YouTube Shorts and Music.”

Wojcicki, 54, says she will refocus her life on “family, health, and personal projects.” She became CEO of YouTube in 2014.

Wojcicki became known to some after she appeared on then-CNN host Brian Stelter’s show Reliable Sources, where she said that she would ensure that censorship was taking place on her platform.

Wojcicki said that anything that goes against the World Health Organization’s stance on Covid would be deemed a violation of YouTube policy.

YouTube under Wojcicki would smother voices that dared question official narratives. Comedian Russell Brand had a video where he question the narrative around Covid-19 removed.

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