Could this be the biggest FAKE NEWS story of 2016?

An anonymous intelligence officer told NBC no direct link was found between PEOTUS Donald Trump and Russia.


The Screaming headlines were all Fake News.

Senior news editor and writer, NBC Nightly News Brad Jaffey tweeted this video interview of Cynthia McFadden saying that Trump was NOT briefed on the addendum to the dossier originally generated as part of anti-Trump Republican opposition research.:

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NBC reported:

A senior U.S. intelligence official with knowledge of the preparation for the meeting with Trump told NBC News that the president-elect was not briefed on the so-called two-page addendum to the dossier originally generated as part of anti-Trump Republican opposition research.

Multiple officials say that the summary was included in the material prepared for the briefers, but the senior official told NBC News that the briefing was oral and no actual documents were handed to the Trump team.

Intel and law enforcement officials agree that none of the investigations have found any conclusive or direct link between Trump and the Russian government period,” the senior official said.

We all got punched  And the intelligence community was behind this assault on Trump. 

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper describes Russia’s “multi-faceted” hacking campaign during the 2016 election:

Gateway Pundit

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