A US Border agent working in Texas is warning Americans that what you see in the news about Joe Biden’s border crisis couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to our source, who has chosen to remain anonymous over fears of retribution for speaking out, the situation on our southern border is much more serious than Americans are being told by the media. Yesterday, according to our source, the RGV (Rio Grande Valley sector) broke the 2021 record with 3,111 apprehensions. To date, 177,396 apprehensions have been made in 2021 in the RGV sector— a stunning increase of 335% since 2020.

Yesterday, a viral video was shared across social media showing a 10-year-old migrant boy who was found by an off-duty US border agent wandering by himself along the side of a road. In the video, the off-duty agent can be seen approaching the sobbing, frightened boy as he asked if the boy had been separated from his parents? The boy explained that he was never with his parents and that he had been left behind by a large group of migrants (probably human smugglers or coyotes).

Our dishonest media was forced to report on the migrant boy after the story went viral on social media. MSN wrote a lengthy article about children who cross the border alone. In their article, they attempt to blame President Trump for children being left behind or thrown out of rafts into the Rio Grande River by human smugglers.

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Watch the incredible exchange here:

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We asked our border agent source about the tragic video of the little boy, who told us that EVERY DAY they encounter migrant children who are left alone to fend for themselves. The agents used to given a 72-hour window to sit down with the children as a way to ensure that they are safe and the adults they are with are truly family members and not sex traffickers or dangerous criminals using children as a way to gain entry into the United States. With the massive influx of illegal aliens crossing our borders and flooding our immigration centers, the agents are not given the proper amount of time to meet and talk to many of these children who need our help, and sadly, many of them will suffer because of the Democrats reckless desire to fill America with immigrants while they control a majority in the House, Senate and Executive branches of government.

US Border Agents Are Working Under Extreme Conditions including Constant Exposure to COVID

According to the US border agent we spoke with, agents are being asked to work 10-hour shifts, 5-6 days a week, to accommodate the massive flow of migrants crossing our southern border. Yesterday, after two illegal alien drug smugglers were arrested following an accident with their vehicle near our border, it was discovered that they were both COVID positive. The agents involved in dealing with the accident were exposed to COVID and will be taken out of the field and put into quarantine, leaving the border patrol in the RGV sector short-handed until they can return.

It’s become virtually impossible to follow any type of COVID protocol, the border agent explained, telling us that they don’t even have the opportunity to clean the cells where COVID positive migrants were being held because they’re constantly filling them with more migrants. “According to leadership, we can’t afford to lose the detention space (cells), so we are not decontaminating those cells as we should,” he said. “We have detention cells full of people where individuals tested positive,” he said, adding, “It’s the whole “petri dish” scenario.”

“Cells remain as ‘contaminated’ with more people in them and agents having to still deal with those individuals because they still need to be processed,” the unnamed border agent explained.  “We can’t keep up with the numbers, and thus can’t afford to keep up with normal guidelines and restrictions or protocols,” he said.  The border agent told us that it’s not just the agents who are risking contracting COVID and other communicable diseases, “We still have to go home to our families at the end of the day and risk their safety,” the agent said.

When we asked him how morale is holding up with the agents, he told us that “Morale is tricky,” adding,  “but what else can we do?  Someone has to do this.”

The border agent explained how important it is to have the support of their fellow Americans at this difficult time when their superiors are forbidding them to talk about the crisis on the border. “As agents (myself included), we need the support of the people we protect, so we need the public to know ALL our great deeds. As our leadership keeps stuff from the public, they help minimize the hard work we do,” he said. “As busy as we are, we’re still fighting the cartel in trying to stop narcotics and human smuggling.  We’re still dealing with a large population that’s turning themselves into us, but also seeking all those who are NOT turning themselves in like the criminals, sex offenders, etc.,” adding, “So it’s discouraging to not have the support of leadership.”

Pray for these brave men and women. They are the first line of defense against a foreign invasion of our nation that Democrats have endorsed in hopes of turning blue states red with their votes.  


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