Joel Pollack has been with Breitbart News through the years of Obama and beyond so he knows this is a war. It’s so much more that STATUES…He gets it and it’s great to know Steve Bannon will be back in the trenches with Pollack.

Joel Pollack: Hashtag ‘War” has been our motto since the days of Andrew Breitbart. And we use it whenever we go to war against our three main targets which are, in order- Hollywood and the mainstream media, number one – the Democratic party and institutional left, number two – and the Republican establishment in Washington, number three… Our mission remains the same as it has been before Trump, as it was after he was elected and as it will continue to be.
Great debate that we wish would happen more often…Many of the comments from both sides said that this was fantastic because both sides were given a chance to speak.

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