Fox News anchor Bret Baier was a surprise visitor at Mar-a-Lago on Thanksgiving weekend.  Speculation swirled that Baier’s  attendance was a sign of media bias or collusion between President Trump and Fox News.  Why else would Baier have dinner at  the president’s exclusive club?

It was actually a coincidence…

Baier and his wife were spending the weekend with Jack Nicklaus who is a member of Mar-a-Lago. Fox News clarified the chance meeting with a tweet:

The left went nuts with slams against Baier, Fox News and golf legend Jack Nicklaus…

Jack Nicklaus was attacked by numerous liberals on twitter for hanging out with the Fox News host and the POTUS. These people are relentless and brutal in their judgement of others. We thought the left considered themselves to be a tolerant group…We’re guessing their tolerance is extended to everyone BUT conservatives.


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