This month, CNN announced that it would be canceling Brian Stelter’s show, “Reliable Sources”.

The move came after CNN’s new CEO, Chris Licht, said that he wants to make the network less partisan.

Stelter was one of the more outwardly biased personalities on CNN.

After the election of President Donald Trump, Stelter went from a center-left media critic to a left-wing partisan hack.

Stelter promoted the potential presidential candidacy of creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti.

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Stelter analogized Trump supporters to Jonestown cultists, who committed mass suicide after the federal government raided their compound.

He also defended disgraced CNN journalist Chris Cuomo after it was revealed that he helped his brother, Ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo when he was being accused of sexual harassment.

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On the last episode of his show, Stelter signed off by saying that platforms shouldn’t be given to people “lying to our faces”.

His moral posturing falls on deaf ears after he promoted the fake Russiagate scandal and defended the media’s blackout of the contents on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The Daily Caller Reports


CNN’s Brian Stelter unironically said platforms cannot be given “to those lying to our faces,” while closing out his final episode of “Reliable Sources” on Sunday.

The network announced Thursday that Stelter would host his final episode of “Reliable Sources” and then leave the company. CNN’s new boss, Chris Licht, had previously expressed the need to get rid of certain on-air personalities who are perceived as “partisan,” including Stelter and Jim Acosta.

Stelter spoke of the need to avoid giving platforms “to those lying to our faces,” Stelter and his now-former network have pushed a series of debunked claims.

Stelter only recently admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal is not actually just some “right-wing media” story as previously claimed. Stelter was skeptical of the story in October of 2020, suggesting it was “tied to a Russian disinformation effort” to take down Biden.

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