Eric Farenthold, a Trump-hating “journalist” working for the Washington Post, sent a letter to “Mr. Mull,” a Trump Organization employee, asking for insider dirt on the Trump family’s successful business. After winning the 2016 election, President Trump turned the reigns of his very successful business to his sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

The Trump family has a reputation for treating their employees fairly, and many came out in defense of the family when they were under constant attack by the media during Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

In his letter to “Mr. Mull,” a Trump Organization employee,  Farenheldt offered him several ways to anonymously share dirt on the corporation.

What Mr. Farenthold didn’t count on when he sent the letter, was the loyalty Trump’s employees have for their employers. He also didn’t count on Eric Trump taking a page from his father’s playbook and exposing his letter on social media.

Last night, Eric Trump tweeted a copy of the letter that was shared with him by his employee. The usually more reserved Eric Trump, tweeted: These are the tactics used by the Washington Post. He tagged Amazon and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos in the tweet, saying, “You should be very proud…”

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The embarrassed Washington Post “journalist” made a video where he attempted to explain the letter that Eric Trump exposed to the world on Twitter.

We responded to the feckless anti-Trump journalist’s attempt to explain his ridiculous email.

You’re not a journalist. You’re a third-rate hack hired by WaPo to discover dirt on the Trump Org. to discredit @realDonaldTrump. The fact that the@washingtonpost and@nytimes have been unable to dig up a single Trump Organization scandal over the past 4 years is the real story.

President Trump hasn’t kept his disdain for the Washington Post or its owner, billionaire Jeff Bezos, a secret. After the National Enquirer released pictures of Bezos having an affair, Trump tweeted about Bezos being “taken down by a competitor whose reporting I understand is far more accurate than the reporting in his lobbyist newspaper.”:

What do you think about Eric Trump exposing this WaPo reporter? Would you like to see more of these anti-Trump “reporters” being exposed? Do you think Eric Trump did the right thing by tweeting his letter? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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