A woke vegan ice cream shop in Detroit refused to serve law enforcement personnel wearing protective gear.

A vegan ice cream shop in Detroit, Michigan has been competing for the most woke nonsense award.

The shop, Cold Truth, posted a story on Instagram to say that they will no longer serve on-duty police officers wearing body armor.

A response to Cold Truth’s Instagram story

“We can tolerate the parking however you please but we will not serve anyone wearing body armor,” the post reads.

Located in Detroit, Michigan, which has the second highest murder rate in the United States and one of the highest violent crime rates, police officers on duty often wear body armor for protection.

“Armor is not uniform, it’s equipment . . . It produces an atmosphere that is pretty intimidating,” Cold Truth said, doubling down on their anti-police policy.

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Many customers have engaged in back-and-forth conversations with the shop over social media, with the shop often making the following response:

“Simple policy. If your job requires military-grade body armor, please come by for ice cream AFTER your shift.”

a conversation between the shop and a customer over social media.

However, in the face of this discriminatory and nonsensical policy by fragile woke-warriors, one former officer had an excellent response.

From Libs of TikTok:

In response to Cold Truth’s anti-police policy, one former Detroit police officer Bryan Ede spent four hours handing out free ice cream to police officers right down the road from Cold Truth. Hours later, a Detroit police officer was murdered on the job.

Bryan Ede posted on Facebook following the shooting saying, “Just spent four hours today giving out free ice cream to Detroit’s finest, only to have a Detroit police officer killed in the line of duty moments ago. This is why we have to support our police. They do a job most can’t or won’t. Having worn that uniform, it is the most thankless job today.”

Bryan Ede’s Facebook post. Ede was handing out free ice cream to police in uniforms.

Cold Truth has enacted this policy as a way of discriminating against police officers, plain and simple. The job requires them to wear body armor to preserve their own lives. Faced with the choice of taking it off for vegan ice cream, or surviving an all-too-common police ambush, the decision is pretty clear.

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