Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos on Thursday discussed his threat of “imminent” legal action against the Donald Trump campaign for statements made about their company following the 2020 elections. BRING IT ON!

Appearing on CNN’s New Day, John Poulos was asked about a recent letter a defamation law firm representing the company sent to White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. The letter told them to preserve all records related to the company and warned that legal action is “imminent,” according to CNN.

Poulos said the lawsuit against “several different people that have been spreading lies and defamatory remarks” about his company since Election Day is in his legal team’s hands now. He said that entails Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell and possibly even the president himself.


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“We did send a letter to several different people that have been spreading lies and defamatory remarks about our company since Election Day on various media platforms,” Poulos said. “We did use the word imminent. We’ve handed it over to our legal team, and it’s completely in their hands, so they will be filing when they’re ready.”

Asked what he was accusing them of, Poulos reiterated his comments and said that many of Trump’s allies have been “promoting lies and amplifying those lies.” He noted that he believes the lies increased doubt in the country’s election systems among Americans.

On New Day Poulos was also asked if he would take legal action against Trump. In response, he noted that the company’s “first and foremost” action will be taken against pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell but suggested that further action could be taken.

“We will be looking into absolutely everybody that has repeated…made and repeated and amplified false statements that have been defamatory and damaging to our company and to our election,” he said.

As previously reported by 100% FED Up:

Melissa Carone is the courageous Dominion whistleblower who came forward to allege major systemic voting fraud at the TCF Center in Detroit on election night 2020.


There were no steel ballot boxes underneath the tabulating machines at the TCF Center catching ballots as they were counted, as Poulos has claimed.

Ties to Smartmatic software – Carone says internal documents from Dominion reference its software pedigree as descending from Smartmatic, which was designed to help fraud the Venezuelan elections in 2004, even though Poulos has tried to say this is nothing but a ‘disinformation’ campaign.

Dominion is a far-left company, whose employees and owners were making ‘countless’ anti-Trump and anti-Republican statements on election night, as the votes were being tabulated. Even though Poulos claims they are non-partisan, Carone says they were left-wing extremists.

Poulos told the Senate that paper ballots back up all the digital records, but that ignores what Carone and others, including Shane Trejo, Jose Aliaga, and others saw: a 4am Biden Ballot Dump of illegal ballots, eight hours after the deadline. Due to Michigan election law, a ballot box that is missing ballots cannot be recounted, and 71% of Detroit’s absentee ballot boxes are missing ballots.

The list goes on and on…read the full article: HERE.

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