You don’t want to miss this! We hope President Trump has a safe and successful trip to the UK…Here’s a great flashback from 2017 of a pro-Trump British smack down…  

During a meeting of the Welsh members of the Parliament, PM Nigel Evans shamed the anti-Trump members, reminding them that they have decided upon their own version of democracy and  that 61 million Americans supported Donald Trump at the ballot box. He started out by telling them: “For those who find it difficult to understand to understand that the American people voted for Donald Trump, get over it because he’s President of the United States.”

Evans reminded the members of Parliament that the “Brexit” was also a referendum handed down by British voters to members of Parliament who have forgotten them. “We have to ask ourselves, and this actually includes myself, is that we have to ask ourselves, why is it that people felt so left behind that they’ve made the democratic decisions that they have?” These were the forgotten people and just like we have the forgotten people in the United Kingdom, there are the forgotten people in the United States of America.

“He’s going to go down in history for being the only politician to deliver on his promises. But the fact is that there were 61 million people who voted for Donald Trump and when we stand up in this country and then condemn him for being racist—and I’ve seen no evidence of that.  I’ve seen no evidence of him being racist—or that they attacked him in an unseemly way, we’re actually attacking the American people—the 61 million people who supported him.”


Here is the shortened version:

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