On Sunday, NYPD released disturbing video footage that captured a pedestrian being hit by a car in the Bronx, then robbed as he lay on the street in critical condition.

The 39-year-old victim was crossing the street around 6:40 am on Saturday when a four-door sedan came barrelling towards him, swerving onto the sidewalk to hit him. The victim flies into the air and then remains motionless on the sidewalk.

The car pulls over and one of the passengers runs out and robs him as he lays defenseless. Then, another clip shows the car returning to the scene of the crime as two of the assailants go through his pockets again.


The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. Upon arrival, he was in critical condition.

Images of the suspects

Despite the senseless, violent attack that took place, the NYPD has only announced that the suspects are wanted for robbery. Not attempted murder, not a hit-and-run. Just robbery.

The three suspects, all black men, remain unknown to the police at this time.

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