Pathological liar, and Democrat senator, Elizabeth Warren is at it again…

The Boston Globe visited Oklahoma earlier this year, seeking interviews with Warren’s brothers or their family members. Don Reed Herring came to the door in Newcastle, a medium-sized fluffy dog at his feet, and declined to comment. David Herring quickly shut his door, saying he could not speak, as his golden retriever bounded about in the yard. John Herring answered his door in a T-shirt emblazoned with the word “Boston,” a dog with a brindle coat at his side, and said he was sorry he could not talk. He stuck to his stance when the reporter pointed out Warren frequently discussed him on the campaign trail.

“I know,” he said.

The brothers are private citizens entitled to private lives, and Warren says she has gotten their permission to talk about them. They notably appeared in a video meant to support her contention that the family has stories of distant Native American heritage. And they have not all always been so press-shy; in 2012, David gave an interview to a local magazine, which wrote that he “said he had to be careful about what he said so as not to upset his sister or the campaign.”

On the campaign trail, Warren speaks admiringly of her brothers’ military service and sometimes tells voters she has just spoken with them on the phone.

She also sometimes evokes them to suggest her ideas are not so polarizing. This weekend in Iowa, she made a point of saying they all agree — even though two of them are Republicans — that behemoths like Amazon do not pay enough in taxes.

Mediaite reports – In recent weeks, as Warren’s polling numbers have dropped, she has altered her campaign strategy to show more of her personality, which means she may need her brothers more than ever. Her event on Sunday, in a packed gymnasium, ushered her biography ever more to the fore of a campaign that has long emphasized the heartland over Harvard.

“She wants to situate herself in the working class, not in the Ivy-League professional upper-middle class,” said David Kusnet, a speechwriter for Bill Clinton, who recast his 1992 presidential campaign by branding him the “Man from Hope.” “Her brothers, they are her siblings, they’re a big part of the story.”

In her attempt to prove her Native American heritage, pathological liar, Elizabeth Warren hired a genetic specialist to prove President Trump was falsely accusing her of lying. The DNA test was performed by a company founded by her ex-husband. The results were laughable, proving Warren was 1/1024th Native American, proving that she’s actually less Indian than the average European-American.

Conservative Ashley St. Clair nailed it with this hilarious tweet:

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