THIS MAN WAS A REFUGEE IN LESBOS BEFORE THE BRUSSELS TERROR ATTACKS! Here’s great footage covering the arrest of the ‘man in hat’ involved in the Brussels bombing and Paris attack. The Federal Prosecution Office in Brussels says it can confirm that arrested terror suspect Mohamed Abrini was the third man present at Brussels Airport during the March 22 suicide bombings there. He was also a suspect in the Paris bombings so this guy was involved in TWO horrific attacks! The arrest is great news for the Brussels investigators who’ll hopefully be able to stop any plans for the next attack with information from Abrini.

The attacks in France and Belgium were the two biggest carried out by IS in Europe over the past year. The arrests may help investigators unravel the links between the attacks and IS, the radical Muslim group that controls territory in both Iraq and Syria.

Brussels remains under the second-highest terror alert, meaning an attack is still considered likely.

“There are perhaps other cells that are still active on our territory,” Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon told RTL television on Saturday.

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