Remember the woman who gained national attention when she smiled through being pelted with eggs? The San Jose protest where eggs and fists were tossed at Trump supporters has just been pushed into the national spotlight again….for good reason. A lawsuit brought by the Trump supporters against the city of San Jose for not doing anything to protect them has moved forward! This lawsuit might force the hand of local governments in the future to help protect EVERYONE during public events like these.

The Trump supporters were attacked and assaulted in many other towns across America: Remember San Diego where eggs were thrown at Trump supporters?


A judge has refused to toss out a federal lawsuit against the city of San Jose, California, in which the city police are accused of allowing an angry mob of left-wing agitators and violent protesters to target peaceful pro-Trump fans. 

Several people were injured during the June 2 rally:

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The city was sued by attorney Harmeet Dhillon, in a pro bono case, representing some of the victims. Dhillon, the national committeewoman of the California Republican Party and a contender to lead the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, also attended the rally.

“Citizens ranging from their teens to their 70s were assaulted, abused, chased, hunted, and terrorized in a situation for which the city is responsible, and must now answer,” Dhillon told LifeZette.

“This lawsuit seeks to vindicate the principle that every American — regardless of his or her political beliefs — is entitled to equal protection of the laws, and to the rights of free speech and free assembly, particularly in the support of their candidate of choice.”

The unfortunate series of events happened just weeks after Republican businessman Donald Trump had sewn up the GOP presidential nomination in May 2016. The Trump supporters were leaving the San Jose rally, exiting the convention center on June 2.

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