‘Bubba’ Bill Clinton celebrated his election 25 years ago at very liberal  Georgetown University. He made the usual slams against President Trump that we expect nowadays and then turned to gun violence in America…

He bemoaned the state of gun violence and then he pivoted to made this very baffling claim about Muslims and “native-born” Americans:

President Clinton also said: “In spite of the horrible killings in San Bernardino and Fort Hood, and what happened in New York City just a few days ago, the aggregate murder rate of Muslims is one third that of the native-born. How many people know that? If all your neighbours knew it, would it make a difference?”

How nice…except it’s NOT TRUE!


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It’s an eye-catching statistic. But we can’t find any evidence that it’s true.

channel4 reported:

President Clinton appears to be blurring two different concepts when he talks about a “murder rate of Muslims” compared to “the native-born”. He is confusing religion with immigration status here, and the two groups are not mutually exclusive. Clearly, you can be a native-born American Muslim. So it’s not absolutely clear what he means, but we can only presume from the context that he is saying Muslims – perhaps Muslim immigrants specifically – are less likely to murder people than others.

There are two official sources of national homicide statistics in the US: the FBI and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Neither of these organisations records the religion of the offender. So it’s not possible to construct a “murder rate of Muslims” from official figures.

So did Clinton just read this and deduce what he wanted to or did some low level staffer offer this as fact? we’ll probably never know but this calls attention to the blithering BS that the Clinton grifters dole out on a regular basis. Another recent gem was on a late-night talk show where he claimed that we must fill America with more third world refugees so we can truly feel sufficiently diverse as a nation…What is he smoking? Our State Department has issued over 30,000 foreign visas to people from terror-sponsored nations since 2007. Yes, we’re covered up in Muslim refugees…We get it: The goal is to change America’s demographic which will change elections so more democrats will win…Correct? It’s that “fundamental” change Obama was working on for 8 years…open borders, refugees, diversity lottery…We get it and that’s why we voted for Donald Trump….


Does he really believe this? We don’t know if he does but we do know that he wants YOU to believe it so the Dems will have more votes and cheap labor. Yes, those Democrats…they really have your back, don’t they?

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