Hold onto your beer steins, folks, because the adage ‘go woke, go broke’ seems to be serving up some harsh realities at the doorstep of Anheuser-Busch InBev.

This just in – the beer behemoth has given the pink slip to hundreds of its U.S. workers amidst a rather unappetizing drop in Bud Light sales.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Could this be the bitter aftertaste of a divisive agenda that just didn’t go down well with the public?

It’s a tough pill to swallow, not just for Anheuser-Busch InBev, but more importantly for those workers now out of a job and their families.

Their lives have just been turned upside down – a cost too steep for what?

For attempting to inject woke politics into a beer brand?

Now, that’s a cocktail that seems to have fallen flat.

In a written statement, Anheuser-Busch Chief Executive Brendan Whitworth tried to put a brave face on the situation.

Yet, we can’t help but ponder – would these hundreds of layoffs have been necessary if the company had stuck to its knitting and focused on brewing great beer instead of serving up questionable woke rhetoric?

Seems like a sobering moment for the company, indeed.

Bottoms up, folks, this story is far from over.

The Wall Street Journal was one of the first to break the news:

Anheuser-Busch InBev laid off hundreds of workers at its U.S. offices after months of slumping sales at Bud Light.

The world’s largest brewer, which also sells Stella Artois and Budweiser, on Wednesday said the cuts would affect less than 2% of its roughly 18,000 U.S. workforce. The layoffs won’t impact front-line workers such as brewery and warehouse staff, the company said.

“While we never take these decisions lightly, we want to ensure that our organization continues to be set for future long-term success,” Anheuser-Busch Chief Executive Brendan Whitworth said in a written statement. “These corporate structure changes will enable our teams to focus on what we do best—brewing great beer for everyone.”

Well, well, well… just when you thought this brewskie brouhaha couldn’t get any more frothy, there’s a new top beer in town – and it’s not Bud Light.

Mexican lager Modelo Especial has managed to elbow Bud off its golden throne, a spot Bud had comfortably nestled in for over two decades.

Can you smell that?

That’s the sweet scent of consumer power wafting through the air, my friends.

This is nothing short of a masterclass in capitalism – a wake-up call served neat to the woke corporations.

People are voting with their wallets, and if the recent turn of events is any indication, the message is loud and clear.

No more controversy-infused beer, thank you very much.

This Bud Light bungle is a testament to the fact that people can and will exercise their power when brands choose to prioritize politics over their primary function.

The Dylan Mulvaney fiasco only added fuel to the fire, prompting folks to question if a beer company really needs to be knee-deep in identity politics.

And when Anheuser-Busch’s response was as lackluster as a flat beer, well, that’s when the customers started checking out other options on the menu.

CNN confirms the humiliating fall of Bud Light from glory:


In May, Mexican lager Modelo Especial dethroned Bud Light as America’s top-selling beer, a title that Bud had largely held for more than two decades. The beer’s brand had been struggling due to the Dylan Mulvaney controversy, when the transgender influencer posted an Instagram photo of a custom can that Bud Light had sent her. That set off a flurry of anti-trans backlash, while LGBTQ+ advocates criticized Anheuser-Busch’s lackluster response.

Will the woke corporations finally get the message?

Will they return to their roots and focus on what they do best, or will they continue to push their divisive agenda and face the consequences?

For now, they can mull over these questions while nursing a cold one – maybe a Modelo Especial, for old times’ sake.

Cheers to that!

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